Janet getting some early morning coffee ready at French River Provincial Park. Tent used was the K-2 Extreme.

"Eureka! has been manufacturing quality tents in Binghamton, New York, since 1895. Ever since then, Eureka! has been making history as a leader in new developments in the tent industry. For instance, Eureka! was the first to introduce a practical outside frame tent, the Draw-Tite®, in 1959. And the first to design an umbrella tent that combined the roominess of a cabin tent with the convenience of a unique umbrella frame. As well as being the first to pioneer the Timberline®, a completely self-supported backpacking and mountaineering tent.

Eureka! was the first to incorporate the wrap-up bathtub floor system on all of its tents. This reduces floor seams, so there's less chance for problem leaks. Superior craftsmanship, attention to detail

Andie and Cory working in front of a Eureka Tunnel CV tent. Lots of space for all 4 of us. The large vestibule was great when it rained; we could all keep our boots on and have lunch under there.
and excellent creature comforts are just some of the reasons Eureka! has enjoyed a world-class reputation for over 100 years. Which is why people like Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mt. Everest, trusted Eureka! on his Himalayan Expedition to Nepal in 1960. Eureka! was also the sole tent supplier to the All American Mountaineering Expedition that climbed Mt. Everest in 1963. And in 1978, Eureka! was with the American Women's Himalayan Expedition to AnnapurnaI every step of the way. In fact, Eureka! tents have accompanied all the North American "first ascents" of Mt. Everest, including the first Canadian woman in 1986 and the first American woman in 1988. To see for yourself why Eureka! is the best in creating superior backpacks and tents, keep reading.

Eureka! became a major manufacturing facility in the 1940's when World War II erupted and demand for tents skyrocketed. In the 50's many returning G.I.'s purchased mobile homes in the housing shortage, and bought trailer awnings from Eureka!. About the same time Bob DeMartine, Arthur C.'s son-in-law, joined the company. It was Bob who recognized Eureka's untapped potential and moved the company from a local level to an international one.

Our "camping" tent history began in the late 50's and early 60's. That's when work on the Draw-Tite® began, the tent used first by Sir Edmund Hillary and then by America's first Everest expedition in 1963. From this benchmark, innovation grew.

A breakthrough came in 1973 with the introduction of the Timberline®. For backpackers, the Timberline® was the first self-supporting, lightweight tent. Brass hooks were used to speed set-up, an early predecessor to clips. Truly our first StormShield™ design, over 2700 Timberlines were sold the first year, and by its tenth anniversary, sales of the Timberline® topped 1 million!

A new chapter in Eureka's history was written in 1973 when Eureka! Tent was sold to S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. and became a division of Johnson Wax Associates. In 1987, Sam Johnson, CEO of S.C. Johnson Wax and the spirit behind the original purchases, separated Johnson Wax Associate companies from S.C.J. forming a publicly held company. Today, Johnson Outdoors Inc. directs some of the leading outdoor brands in the industry.

Eureka's commitment is the same as it was 100 years ago: to provide the best gear at the best price.

All Eureka! tents come with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. You can be sure that your Eureka! tent will provide years of trouble-free service, no matter where your adventures takes you. Eureka! - Made To Meet Your Challenge !

Eureka Canada

Eureka! first opened in Canada in November of 1976. The Timberline tent, which revolutionized the camping scene back then was our number one model at the time, and is still very popular. But Eureka! Canada has continued to grow, supplying Canadian campers with new quality products year after year.

As the Eureka! name has grown in Canada so has our participation in worldwide adventures. A true Canadian adventurer, Bernard Voyer, reached the Summit of Everest and both the North and South poles using Eureka tents. In the year 2000 Eureka tents were again at the summit of Everest; traversing Greenland; crossing Baffin Island; out in canoes on the Back River; and in my backyard (children present one of the most demanding tests for tents!)

Eureka! products in Canada have adapted to the Canadian geography and climate. Rain is almost guaranteed in all parts of Canada. So we've designed Canadian Eureka tents to focus on the dry factor over every other feature. For instance, all Canadian designs have at least one vestibule providing dry entry into the tent. Since insects are another cross country concern we construct our NorthBreeze shelter to keep out bugs and the elements, and it's also built to last! Then there's the Eureka! Tunnel Vision tent, which combines the room-to-weight efficiency of a tunnel tent with a shelter/sleeping tent structure (shelter at one end and sleeping area at the other).

Our inspiration comes from our country. Let your inspiration come from camping Canada in Eureka! tents."