The Fine Art of Cory Trepanier

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June, 2003
In The Hills Magazine

Caledon East artist Cory Trépanier has made a mission painting the Heritage Coast

Silhouetted against the setting sun, atop a knob of granite, Cory Trépanier looks more like a part of the landscape than an artist there to paint it. He sits cross-legged in front of an easel, surrounded by the abrupt oscillations that define the rugged landscape of the Lake Superior coastline. The long sand beaches, looming headlands and age-worn fingers of rock sinking into icy-clear waters are finding a place as the subject of Cory’s Coast to Canvas Project. By the time the project is completed, the Caledon East artist will have created close to 60 original oil paintings of the Great Lakes Heritage Coast, stretching from Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay to the international border at Port Severn on Lake Superior.
Cory’s solitude is short lived. Emerging from the windswept pine and cedar onto a water-washed foundation of quartz-veined granite are ...

November, 2002
CBC Television's CBC NEWSWORLD and COUNTRY CANADA CHANNEL Features Cory Trepanier and The COAST TO CANVAS Project.

CBC aired a segment featuring Cory and his latest project on two of their networks. For a couple of days during the summer leg of the project (this past August), a CBC crew flew in from Winnipeg to do a story about Cory, his paintings, and his family's adventures along the Great Lakes Heritage Coast. For those who missed it, click on the image to the right to watch it.

May, 2002
Sault Star

Artist Cory Trepanier is working on an ambitious project to paint the Great Lakes Heritage Coast. Outdoors writer James Smedley recently spent a day with Trepanier as he captured the beauty of Old Woman Bay near Wawa

I don't know if this is what Cory Trepanier is looking for but after a half-hour snowshoe, mostly uphill, he becomes quiet and focused. He takes off his snowshoes and scours the edge of the rock bluff with the intensity of a cat cornering its prey. I get the impression I could call out "Hey Cory, did you hear the one about the artist," and he wouldn't even hear me. He's too busy pulling gear from his pack and rooting himself on the edge of a sharp drop overlooking the beach, cliff face and river mouth of Old Woman Bay. Perched on a knob of cold granite and looking surprisingly comfortable, Trepanier begins to paint.

The ensemble of sand, rock and trees before us is becoming part of the Coast to Canvas Project. The concept will see the artist create 40 to 50 original oil paintings of the Great Lakes Heritage Coast, a 2,900-kilometre stretch from Lake Huron's Georgian Bay to the international border south of Thunder Bay in Lake Superior. With easel perched precariously, he chases the scene with oil on canvas. Shafts of light from the falling sun find their way through a billowing mass of darkening clouds moving in off the lake....

November, 2001

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Great Lakes Heritage Coast and the Coast to Canvas Project

Join artist Cory Trépanier as he documents the magnificent Great Lakes Heritage Coast.

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