July 2014: Cory on Canada AM

July 24, 2014- Bev Thomson of Canada AM talks to Cory about Kluane paintings and the online launch of his TrueWild:Kluane short film.
Watch FREE TRUEWILD: Kluane short film

Experience the awe and wonder of Kluane National Park and
Reserve through Cory's month-long painting expedition in this
short film he created for Parks Canada.
Watch FRENCH Version here

In 2013 Cory launched chapter one of his latest oeuvre, TrueWild: A Legacy for the National Parks.

TrueWild is a new multi-year wilderness legacy project that aims to engage - through fine art, films, online content, mainstream media, public speaking and more - millions of people in the years to come with Canada's spectacular wild places.

Visit the TRUEWILD website

Into The Arctic began in 2006. Cory completed 3 Canadian Arctic painting/filming expeditions, 2 films, and is working towards the completion of a collection of 50 oil paintings which includes "Great Glacier", which at 15 feet wide, will become one of the largest representational Arctic landscape paintings in Canada's history.

On the project's website you will find films trailers, 65 video journals, 1000 photos, written journals, media coverage, paintings and much more.

Visit the INTO THE ARCTIC Website

In 2001, Cory launched Coast To Canvas and set out for almost a month in each season to explore and paint along the rugged coastlines of Ontario's Lake Superior and Georgian Bay, accompanied by his wife and then 2.5 and 6 year old daughters.

The result was a touring exhibiton of 33 oil paintings and Cory's and his wife Janet's first film, "A Painter's Odyssey".

Visit the COAST TO CANVAS website

July 2014- Cory on TVO

25 minute in-depth interview on TVO's the Agenda.
More media interviews here


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